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Final Salary Pension Scheme Tranfers

Pension choices have become more flexible since 2015 when the Government gave the majority of people with a Final Salary Pension (sometimes called a 'Defined Benefit Pension') or 'Occupational Pension' the option of transferring to a pension including the new flexibilities.

These 'Pension Freedoms' have enabled you the right to make wider choices about your pension and your retirement. If you find something more suitable for your needs then you no longer need stay in a Final Salary Pension.

Whilst a Defined Benefit Pension offers a guaranteed income for life in most cases, by transferring to a new style plan you could benefit from:

  • Freedom to access your money on your terms, withdrawing more one year or less the next
  • Ability to pass the value of your pension on to your family when you die
  • A large transfer value in exchange for giving up the defined benefits

It is if course very important that you take professional advice to ensure you fully understand your options and we have the appropriate permissions and qualifications in place to offer this to you.

A pension review will ensure you're getting the very best return on your pension

Our free pension review is designed to inform you on how your pension is working for you and what's working well.

We approach your existing provider, gathering all the details, then analyse your situation and provide you with a full report.

We know that many clients are contemplating a 'pension review' but just haven't got the time (or expertise) to take on the task themselves.

Getting your retirement on the right footing

If we think we can help improve your retirement prospects, we will let you know. And if we find your pension is doing the best it can and heading in the right direction, we'll tell you that too.

Get in touch today, call 0161 336 5843 and speak to one of our advisers.

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