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Copia Wealth Management

We are a financial advisory company based in Manchester and whether you find money matters stimulating or dull, whether you avoid discussing them or are comfortable talking about finances, the way we manage our money and the grip we have on our own personal affairs effects the decisions we make, where we can afford to live, the schools our children go to, our emotional well-being, and our ability to achieve our future plans and dreams.

Financial Planning

The right financial advice is important at every stage of your life, whether you're seeking to build up a nest egg, worried about how you can afford to retire, or perhaps have old pension or life cover plans you haven't reviewed for some time.

Financial planning shouldn't be a one off event, something you do when you buy a house or get married. The only thing constant is change. For instance people may have more children, move areas, change jobs or inherit.

Our aim is to ensure you have your own bespoke financial plan which is current and reflects your circumstances now and in the future. The budget for the country is announced every year. You might say you are your own chancellor and the decisions you make or don't make will have a direct impact on the quality of your life.

Our relationship with our clients

We are not here to sell to you. It is more about having an in depth conversation to determine what you might need and how our knowledge and expertise can help you.

We encourage clients to have a regular review with us at least on an annual basis and have known most of our clients for many years because we both benefit from establishing a long term relationship of trust. It means we have a thriving successful business and you don't have to keep seeing different financial advisers and having to explain your situation all over again each time.

How we can help you

One common misconception among people is that they're not earning enough or they don't have enough assets to benefit from seeing a financial planner. However shouldn't we all try to do the best with what we've got!

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